I realized that I haven’t spoken about myself at all since I started blogging and it’s probably time to introduce myself a bit more. So here’s 5 things about ME!

  1. The first is probably the most obvious – I’m pretty private, if you couldn’t tell. I like to keep my personal life and work separate. I know, I have to realize that they both make me and definitely do intertwine. I’ll work on it – promise!me, makeup by lee, bridal makeup, natural makeup, wedding makeup, collingwood makeup artist, gta makeup artist, toronto makeup artist, georgian bay makeup artist, barrie makeup artist, toronto makeup artist

2. If I could hang upside down or do anything aerial or pole-related, I would. Along with being a makeup artist, I’m also a pole fitness instructor at Vertical Fit. Yes, there’s a whole stigma associated with pole fitness, however, I’ve learnt to put that aside and to focus on the fitness aspect of it. I also do aerial hoop classeswhich becomes “me time” where I don’t have to think but am also challenged in a different way. I LOVE the aerial aspect of fitness and maybe in my next lifetime, I’ll be a circus performer… or a bird.

3. My accent isn’t strong, but I’m originally from that tiny, sunny paradise of an island, Barbados. I was born and raised there and only moved to Ontario, Canada, almost 2.5 years ago after meeting and marrying the love of my life.  The question lingering in your mind is probably Why? and How does she do with winters? I’m doing great! It’s completely different to what I’m used to, so I do like the snow and am fully embracing it.

4. I was a serious tomboy with the love of art, whether it was a brush to a canvas or the linguistic side. I used to be that girl in the mud, racing cars in dirt roads with her brother and his friends. But also had and still have a love for art and instead of sitting infront of  a computer, I chose to have a different canvas every day.
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5. I have a nutella  / chocolate addiction. Basically, I don’t buy it anymore, cos’ if I do, I’ll eat it by the spoonful. My hubby has even taken it upon himself to write “NO” in the jar because he knows I’ll go for it if it’s there. A spoonful a day, keeps the doctor away? 🙂


What’s In My Purse?

It should probably be more “Where is my purse?” Ouff..

I’m one of those who usually ends up leaving the house with a bunch of stuff in my hands, leaving the purse for “next time”. What can I say? I’m pretty minimal. However that being said, I always have certain items with me other than the obvious (keys, wallet, phone).

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I always have hand cream on hand as I don’t like when my skin gets dry. My favourites are definitely First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair and Cake Beauty Heavy Cream. A little goes a long way and I don’t have to reapply often.

Lip balm is a must. I have it with me wherever I go – pretty much addicted and my go-to currently is Glossier Balm Dotcom

Hair bands. Other than having 2-3 on my wrist at ALL times, I do have extras everywhere I am. It’s the worst when one pops & you don’t have those back-ups, so it’s better to be doubly/ triply prepared for future Lee.

What’s in yours!?


I’m asked a lot about what should be done before I arrive to apply makeup, so here are some quick prepping tips to help, whether you’re getting your makeup applied professionally or doing it yourself.

Photography: Bows & Lavender

1. It’s always best to have a clean, fresh face. So make sure to take off all remaining makeup – as much as you can.

2.If your event is during the day & outside, apply sunscreen to prevent getting burnt. The foundations I use have SPF in them already, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra protection.

3. You can also apply your preferred moisturizer beforehand, especially in dry conditions. If it’s humid, I tend to advise leaving moisturizer out as it can make you shine more quickly.

4. Try to keep away from cream/ gel products that could flake off. I don’t suggest applying anything other than sunscreen & moisturizer, as sometimes other products for tanning or face masks etc., will make applying foundation more difficult, as they can flake or bead off. When this happens, especially if I haven’t been told, it causes the process to take longer as I have to start again.

5. Facials: Unless you are used to facials and have them done frequently, I don’t suggest doing one right before your big day. Facials are great but sometimes they will bring out blemishes which you won’t want for your special occasion.

6. A main issue can be picking. If a client has a blemish, I advise for them not to pick it. If it scabs, it requires more makeup for coverage and can end up looking a little too “cakey” in that one spot. In addition, it’s better to cover up a smooth surface than one that’s rugged.

These are all quick and easy prepping tips to keep in mind, guaranteeing a great makeup application! x


I’ve been a part of countless weddings, obviously including my own and have taken in a few things I wish I did at mine or wish others would do at theirs. A lot of brides ask me if I have any advice at all, what would it be? I am no pro, but just from observations here are a few tips for your day.

    I know you want to control everything on YOUR day, afterall, it’s about you and your beau, but if there’s one thing you can not control, it’s the weather. It’s something you can not worry or stress about, because there’s nothing you can do but have your plan B & embrace it!
    Sometimes if it’s not the sunniest it can create an atmosphere that’s cozy, mystical & whimsical. Who knows?! Maybe your photographer might be down for some “Notebook”-inspired photos.
    I remember I was told this and at the time, in the moment, with nerves, it kind of went over my head. I do remember a lot of our day but it’s also a bit of a blur. It goes so quickly and there’s a lot going on, it can overwhelm you. Stop before walking down the aisle and take a look around at the people, the decor, feel the atmosphere and take it all in. EVERY. MOMENT. Do this throughout the night.

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    Photography: Bear And Sparrow Photography www.bearandsparrow.com
  • Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff.
    Remember what the occasion is about. I know, we all want it to be so beautiful and we all put a lot of planning into our weddings that we sometimes forget what it’s all about. It’s not about the colour of the table cloths & napkins (don’t get me wrong, your vision is yours). Yes weddings bring out the best and the worst in people, I know. There will always be one or a couple of people who think it’s about them, cus’ they think everything is. But remember, it’s about YOU and YOUR FIANCE. It’s about the two of you joining lives and about your love. Don’t let anything take away from that.
  • Everything will go accordingly.
    I know you want everything to run on time, to the second. But try to remember that you also have to enjoy your day. Enjoy your time with your girls or guys. Enjoy being pampered. Enjoy that glass of champagne – or two. Enjoy your photos. Don’t rush the process of getting into your dress – this will happen only once for a lot of us. Once you have and know the vendors hired, whether it’s your co-ordinator, hair stylist, makeup artist etc., leave it in their hands. If any of them start to run a little behind, trust that they are going to do their best to catch back up and generally will. If this is something you’re pretty OCD about, maybe suggest starting an hour earlier, so you know you’re guaranteed to finish the getting ready part with plenty of time to spare.

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    Photography: Gina Francesca Photography & Design
  • EAT.
    Remember to eat before your ceremony, even if it’s something plain, like toast. None of us want you fainting or sometimes worse, hangry. But also remember to eat at your reception. Remember all those canapés & desserts that your specifically selected? Probably some of your faves? Make sure you grab some or have someone keep a plate aside for you and your now hubby. I’ve heard so many brides say that they regret not getting to eat on their day. Make sure to try everything that you two chose for this day cus’ if you wait too long, it might be gone because of it’s deliciousness!

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    Photography: Sofie Warren Photography

    May your day be as magical and whimsical as you!


With wedding season started, I’m sure every bride is out there finalizing their plans and watching everything fall into place. To help, here are 5 things brides should consider regarding makeup on their big day.

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Photography: Jennifer Cavagna of Jennifer Images www.jenniferimages.ca

1. Every bride should consider and book their makeup trial with their preferred makeup artist in advance. No one likes surprises on their wedding day and this will help take the edge off regarding your makeup. You can determine if your makeup artist is the right fit for you and also confirm if the makeup look you’ve been dreaming about is definitely for you.
Tip: try to schedule your trial on a day that you have an event to go to or maybe even your engagement shoot. This way the makeup won’t go to waste and you’ll be able to see its longevity.

2. When figuring out where you’d like makeup to be done on the wedding day, remember makeup artists need as much natural light as possible, for the best results.

3. When booking your makeup artist, it’s good to have an idea of how long each persons’ makeup will take, so that you can include this in your wedding day schedule. I actually do out a timeline for makeup for each of my brides to help things run smoothly.

4. Some makeup artists will offer the option of staying behind to do touch-ups for the bridal party, incase it’s needed. However, if you don’t want to spend the extra or if it isn’t an option, it’s good to have blotting paper and lipstick on hand. The blotting paper is good for dabbing away any sweat, oil or tears that might occur. You can ask your makeup artist to purchase the lip colour or you can have a similar colour lipstick so that you can re-apply throughout the night, especially after sipping on bubbly.

5. Not every bride cares, but it’s good to consider and let your makeup artist know if you have a specific makeup look that you envision for your bridesmaids. It’s also good to chat with your bridesmaids about this beforehand. Some brides don’t have requests while others prefer that their beauties are matching.

Apart from makeup, remember to take every moment in!

makeup trials

Scheduling a makeup trial with your potential, or already booked, makeup artist is SO important, especially for your wedding day or for a very special occasion.

There are so many things to do, to tick off your list while planning your wedding, it can be so overwhelming. Yes, it’s one more thing to schedule and figure out but once it’s figured, it ends up being that time on your day that you can sit & relax, feeling comfortable and confident, knowing your makeup will turn out, just as you have envisioned. And it might be the only time in the midst of it all that you can sit & focus on nothing, daydreaming of the magical moments ahead.

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Photography: Bear And Sparrow Photography www.bearandsparrow.com

Most brides have an idea of what makeup look they want to go for, however, a trial tends to determine it all. They will either love it or change it entirely to suit them better. This is another huge reason why trials are so important. It’s better to get “the look” done with perfection on the wedding day than making tonnes of changes. At the trial you can make all the changes you want & also get input, advice & suggestions from your artist, until it’s perfect.

I consider each makeup artist to have their own sense of style & way of applying makeup. We all have our own tricks & favourite products. That being said, having a makeup trial helps a bride and even mother-of-the-bride, determine if that makeup artist matches their wants, needs & own style. You can usually see an artist’s style in their portfolio/ website, making the decision a bit easier. In addition,  I think it’s very important to have someone whose personality meshes with yours. Your makeup artist, aswell as your hair stylist are two people who are going to spend the most of your day (at least the majority of “the getting ready” part) with you.

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Photography: Sofie Warren Photography

I highly suggest booking your trial in advance and also schedule it so that you have an event to go to. That way, it doesn’t go to waste and you can also see the longevity of your makeup & can even make some more changes, if you want, before the big day arrives.


5 Favourites

I thought choosing only 5 products to put as my favourites would be really difficult, but thinking of what I would use 100% in each of my own makeup applications, it turned out to be rather easy.

  1. Urban Decay Brow Beater – Ever since I came across this product, I’ve had it in both my personal & professional kits, with backups incase I run out. I’ve found a lot of the potted brow products become dry pretty quickly. Yes, I can add some saline solution to fix this temporarily, but I prefer having a dependable product, ready to use. Super easy to use & glides on smoothly. Plus it has it’s own brush on the opposite end for blending.

2.  Ardell Flare Lashes – I love how natural these look when properly applied and as a bonus, after applying mascara I can barely feel them on. I also love that, because they are individual clusters, I never have to worry about the edges lifting up or off, throughout the day.

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3. Maybelline Waterproof Mascara – I feel like the is a lot of peoples’ favourite, as it should be. It’s never let me down. I’ve personally tried other waterproof mascaras & they end up still smudging, but Maybelline’s has yet to disappoint. Just remember to take it off before going to bed!

4.  Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush – It’s got a great pigment & stays in place really well, hence being called 12-hour. I particularly like the colour “Fiesty” and regardless of if you’re wearing a full face of makeup or just want a little colour & quick application – it looks great.

5.  Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector – I have this is both the compact powder and cream forms and just can’t get enough. It’s the perfect highlight, whether with full makeup or on your bare skin. It blends really well and picks up light like a genius. Another product that my kit will never be without.

These 5 favourites have been just that – favourites- for a long time and I can’t see that changing any time soon. So hopefully they can be yours too! X


Flairs VS. Strips

I’ll be honest from the get-go, I’m a little biased in this one, but I’ll do my best to compare flair lashes and strip lashes fairly.Regardless of which type of lashes you choose, they definitely complete a makeup look. When choosing between flairs and strips, it can be a little tricky. First it’s important to know what I mean when I call them that. Flairs are little clusters of lashes that can be put on individually on the lash line, strips are lashes that come in a full strip that you attach across the lash line.

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Photography: Corynn Fowler Photography

Yes my preference is definitely the flair lashes. They stay in place really well and feel very light on the eyes. Some of my clients even forget that they have them on, literally within minutes. Whereas, the strips take a little bit of getting used to. Sometimes they can feel a bit heavy on the eyes but after a while you’ll be used to them. The only thing I’m not fussy about it that they can sometimes lift off on the edges which isn’t ideal for a night out.

I love that flairs look natural and like they are your own. Similar to that moment people are in awe of how long your lashes are, not knowing that they aren’t yours 😉
You can also add on more and more if you want a dramatic, fuller look. There are definitely some natural looking strip lashes but I’ve found overall they generally add a bit more drama to your look which is perfect if that’s what you’re going for.

I think one thing that intimidates people with flair lashes is putting them on. Don’t worry I was right there with ya! But as they say practise makes perfect! It’s a little tricky at first as it’s placing each cluster precisely, but once you get the correct angle and hang of it, you’ve got it!

No matter your preference, lashes do make a difference (positive one) in your makeup look! X


I, along with many other makeup artists, offer my clients the option of doing touch-ups. This is basically staying behind for their photos (if it’s a wedding) to make sure, with everything going on, that makeup stays in place. Whether it’s dabbing or powdering a little unwanted shine, fix a little smudge from a tear that escaped or reapplying lipstick that may have disappeared with some lovings for the camera.

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Photography: www.magnoliastudios.ca

I’ve got the memory of an elephant, sometimes a good thing but not always. Anyways, I digress. It’s also stuck with me from studying that applying makeup is only a small percentage of being a makeup artist. The remainder is maintaining it. Hence why I offer this option.

And even though I get the spend the majority of the day with my clients, staying behind for extra time and doing touchups let’s me share in little moments. Whether it’s holding or distracting/ entertaining little ones or sharing in a good laugh. It’s pretty special. Plus makeup stays on point. 😉

However, sometimes clients prefer to do it themselves. So make sure to have your powders, including blush, your blotting paper and lipsticks handy to do some touching up. X

Booking YOUR Artist

Planning your wedding or event can be a pretty exciting time, but choosing  and booking your artist can get a little overwhelming! Not only your artist but I think this post will relate to booking your vendors in general.

It’s never too early to book & lock in. It’s the beginning of 2018 and I’ve been asked about a few 2019 weddings already. It’s never too early, especially if you want to have your preferred vendor/s on YOUR day. Planning and booking early will most likely guarantee their availability that you can then lock them in.

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Photography: Life Photography by Aniya www.lifebyaniya.com

Finding your artist can be quite the process, especially if you’re not sure where to start. So start by looking at their portfolios & then once you like what you see, you can move on to seeing what their availability is & rates are like & if they fit into your budget. You should then have a feel for their vibe and can also check out their reviews.

Lastly, remember wedding season, especially here in Ontario, it is exactly that –  a season. Not as many people plan their weddings for the winter as they do for summer/ fall, so unless you lock down & book your preferred artist, it’s likely that they’ll be getting more requests for your same date. We can’t guarantee our availability or hold a date for potential clients as opposed to guaranteed clients.

Lock ’em down & happy planning!