I realized that I haven’t spoken about myself at all since I started blogging and it’s probably time to introduce myself a bit more. So here’s 5 things about ME!

  1. The first is probably the most obvious – I’m pretty private, if you couldn’t tell. I like to keep my personal life and work separate. I know, I have to realize that they both make me and definitely do intertwine. I’ll work on it – promise!me, makeup by lee, bridal makeup, natural makeup, wedding makeup, collingwood makeup artist, gta makeup artist, toronto makeup artist, georgian bay makeup artist, barrie makeup artist, toronto makeup artist

2. If I could hang upside down or do anything aerial or pole-related, I would. Along with being a makeup artist, I’m also a pole fitness instructor at Vertical Fit. Yes, there’s a whole stigma associated with pole fitness, however, I’ve learnt to put that aside and to focus on the fitness aspect of it. I also do aerial hoop classeswhich becomes “me time” where I don’t have to think but am also challenged in a different way. I LOVE the aerial aspect of fitness and maybe in my next lifetime, I’ll be a circus performer… or a bird.

3. My accent isn’t strong, but I’m originally from that tiny, sunny paradise of an island, Barbados. I was born and raised there and only moved to Ontario, Canada, almost 2.5 years ago after meeting and marrying the love of my life.  The question lingering in your mind is probably Why? and How does she do with winters? I’m doing great! It’s completely different to what I’m used to, so I do like the snow and am fully embracing it.

4. I was a serious tomboy with the love of art, whether it was a brush to a canvas or the linguistic side. I used to be that girl in the mud, racing cars in dirt roads with her brother and his friends. But also had and still have a love for art and instead of sitting infront of  a computer, I chose to have a different canvas every day.
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5. I have a nutella  / chocolate addiction. Basically, I don’t buy it anymore, cos’ if I do, I’ll eat it by the spoonful. My hubby has even taken it upon himself to write “NO” in the jar because he knows I’ll go for it if it’s there. A spoonful a day, keeps the doctor away? 🙂